Burn Your Ships

Burn Your Ships If You Want Victory…

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Why burn the ships?

What does this mean?

The Vikings were conquers (800-1066 AD) when they came upon a new world

that required battle to take, they would burn their vessels in order to be

committed to win. We win or we die trying. (Google search; reference/source)

Two thousand years ago Julies Caesar and in 1519 Hernan Cortes used

this aggressive leadership method to advance in military and territorial victories.

Whether you agree or not with this style of over the top leadership  to motivate

your team/crew/staff/employees/soldiers, you can’t say it would not create a great deal

of focus, passion and ultimate determination to succeed(survive) against any & all odds.

There is no retreat, there is no “B” plan, failure is not an option!

How focused and determined is your team to succeed with every campaign?

As you arrive on the shores of your next conquest (campaign/product/service launch)

you want the team to be single mindedly focused and determined to WIN.

You and team, have done all your due diligence on a project, and sought the appropriate

professional advice and those having hands on experience,

and in your best judgement it’s time for action : Go all in!

Will you go bravely and boldly into the project/campaign?

Will you like Julius Caesar give the order

to “burn the ships and take the Island.”

The above is for educational and discussion purposes only and is not

meant to provide legal, tax, environmental, engineering or investment advice.

Kindly consult the appropriate professional.

Every real estate investment is unique, use an insured and

registered professional for protection of  your investment.

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